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Hours Description Ruling Planet Hours of Morning The ancients supposed each of the hours to be governed by a separate planet. First hour Represented as a young girl, her head adorned with light flowing hair; she is clad in a short dress of rose-colour, resembling the tints of the clouds before the
rising of the sun ; her wings are like those of a butterfly, and she holds the Sun and a bunch of full-blown roses . Sun Second hour Appears to have wings like the preceding; her hair is of a darker hue, and her dress of a deep gold colour; she is surrounded by light clouds, indicating the vapours

which the sun exhales from the earth; her attributes are the planet Venus and a sunflower.

Venus Third hour Her hair is brown, and her drapery is white, shaded with red; she holds the planet Mercury and a sun-dial. Mercury Fourth hour Considered to be time best calculated for gathering herbs, as the heat of the sun had by then dissipated the clouds, and sufficiently dried the earth; its

personification was therefore clothed entirely in white, and bore a hyacinth and the figure of the Moon.

Moon Fifth hour Her robe was tinged with lemon colour, denoting the golden brightness of the sun as it advances towards the meridian; in her hand was the planet Saturn Saturn Sixth hour Turns her face to the beholder, and as the sun has now attained its greatest power, her dress is red and flaming; her accompaniments are the planet Jupiter and a

lotus, which, like the sunflower, follows the course of the sun.

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Jupiter Seventh hour Her dress is orange, tinged with red; she holds the planet Mars and a lupin, a plant that, according to Pliny, served to indicate the time to the country people
on a cloudy day . Mars Eight hour Wears a variegated robe of orange and white, showing the diminution of light, now beginning to be apparent; the Sun is in her hands. Sun Ninth hour Her attitude and that of the two preceding hours, inclines towards the horizon; her dress is lemon-coloured; she bears the planet Venus and a branch of olive, a tree said by Pliny to shed its leaves during the solstice. Venus Tenth hour She is dressed in yellow, tinged with brown; she holds the planet Mercury and a branch of poplar. Mercury Eleventh hour As the day draws to its close, appeared to be precipitating her flight; her drapery is dark yellow, and her attributes are a moon and a clepsydra, or hour-glass, which marks the time without the sun’s assistance. Moon Twelfth hour Seems in the act of plunging beneath the horizon, thus denoting the setting of the sun; she is dressed in a robe of dark violet colour, and holds the planet Saturn and a branch of willow. Saturn Hours of Night These, like the hours of the day, are depicted with wings, and in the attitude of flying; they differ from each other only in the colour of their drapery, and in their various attributes. First hour Her robe is of the hue of the horizon during twilight; she bears in her hands the planet Jupiter and a bat. Jupiter Second hour Habited in dark gray, and holds the planet Mars and a screech owl. Mars Third hour Clad in black, carries an owl and the Sun. Sun Fourth hour Her dress is not quite so dark as that of the preceding, because the light of the heavenly bodies now diminishes in some measure the obscurity of night; she holds the planet Venus and an hour-glass. Venus Fifth hour Her attributes are the planet Mercury and a bunch of poppies. Mercury Sixth hour She is enveloped in a thick black drapery, and holds the Moon and a which has the faculty of seeing in the dark. Moon Seventh hour Her robe is deep blue; she bears the planet .Saturn and a badger, that animal being much disposed to sleep. Saturn Eight hour Clad in a lighter blue, holds the planet Jupiter and a dormouse. Jupiter Ninth hour Dressed in violet colour, to denote the approach of morning, and is characterised by the planet Mars and an owl. Mars Tenth hour Her robe is of a paler shade of violet; she bears the Sun and a clock surmounted by a bell. Sun Eleventh hour Habited in blue, and accompanied by a cock, holds the planet Venus. Venus Twelfth hour Her attitude of flying precipitately behind the horizon; her drapery is of mixed colours, white, blue, and violet; she bears in her hand the planet Mercury, and leads a swan, which, by its white plumage, indicates the brightness of the coming day.   Mercury

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