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From left to right, Kirara, Sango, Miroku, Kagome, Inuyasha and Shippō

The characters of the Inuyasha manga series were created by Rumiko Takahashi. Most of the series takes place in a fictional version of Japan’s Warring States period with occasional time-travel/flashback elements to modern Tokyo or the Heisei period. The setting and plot incorporate many elements of traditional Japanese folklore and religion; its main characters (both protagonists and antagonists) include a Shintō priestess, a Buddhist monk and several types of yōkai, usually rendered as “demon” in English-language translations of the series. The anime adaptation of Inuyasha is followed by a sequel, Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon.

Main characters[edit]


Kagome Higurashi[edit]

[1] Kira Tozer (The Final Act and Yashahime; Viz Media dub),[2] Andrea Kwan (Animax Asia dub) (English)

Voiced by: Satsuki Yukino (Japanese); Moneca Stori (Original Series; Viz Media dub),and; Viz Media dub),Andrea Kwan (Animax Asia dub) (English)

Kagome Higurashi

(日暮 かごめ, Higurashi Kagome)

is a brave and kind girl who believes in never turning her back on someone in trouble. Although physically weak, she is not lacking in courage. She becomes highly skilled in archery as the series progresses, and eventually learns to master her immensely strong spiritual powers. Of all characters in the series, she has the most emotional strength, never allowing anger or jealousy to commit acts of evil. By the start of Yashahime she is spiritually as strong as Kikyo, and possibly stronger given that she developed her own powers of arrow disappearance. Despite her inexperience, Naraku greatly fears Kagome’s purifying powers, causing him to target her even more often than Inuyasha.



Voiced by : Houko Kuwashima ( Japanese ) ; Kelly Sheridan Viz Media dub ), Candice Moore ( Animax Asia dub ) ( English )

(珊瑚, Sango)

is a sixteen-year-old demon slayer

(妖怪退治屋, yōkai taijiya, “Apparition Exterminators”)

. She hails from a village that practices the act as their profession and is also the original home of the Shikon Jewel; she is described by her father as the most skilled exterminator in the village. While travelling, she wears a traditional woman’s kimono, over which she wears long skirt, most likely “mo-bakama”, and traditional woman’s arm guards and leg guards, and straw sandals. As a demon slayer, Sango dresses in a black skin-tight jumpsuit, and pink armor plates made of demon parts, and a red sash. Of her broad repertoire of tools and tricks for fighting demons, Sango usually wields her most powerful weapon called the Hiraikotsu

(飛来骨, “Flying Return Bone”)

, a human-sized boomerang made of purified demon bones, which she can throw using her enhanced strength.


Voiced by : Kumiko Watanabe ( Japanese ) ; Jillian Michaels ( Viz Media dub ), Candice Moore ( Animax Asia dub ) ( English )

(七宝, Shippō)

is a young orphaned kitsune, who attempts to steal the Shikon Jewel from Inuyasha and Kagome, wanting to become stronger and avenge his father’s death. Though his plan fails, Inuyasha and Kagome aid him after hearing his story, and he becomes their companion. Deeply loyal to Kagome, he often calls Inuyasha out on his bad behavior toward her. He is frequently clobbered by Inuyasha for playing tricks on him, and for blurting out uncomfortable or embarrassing facts. Despite this, he views the entire group as his surrogate family.


Voiced by : Tarako Isono

(雲母, Kirara)

is Sango’s faithful companion who usually appears to be a small kitten-sized feline with two tails, but can become large enough to carry several passengers whenever the need arises. She is a spiritual entity, like the kitsunes; her full-sized form has fangs and flames, as well as the power to fly.

Supporting characters[edit]


Voiced by : Noriko Hidaka ( Japanese ) ; Willow Johnson Viz Media dub ), Andrea Kwan ( Animax Asia dub ) ( English )

(桔梗, Kikyō)

was a powerful, high-ranking priestess who lived fifty years prior to the events of the series. Kikyo was given the task by demon slayers to guard and purify the Shikon Jewel. She fell in love with Inuyasha, who considered using the Shikon Jewel to turn him completely human so it would fade and she could live with him as a normal human.


The Final Act; Viz Media dub), Russell Wait (Animax Asia dub) (English)

Voiced by: Ken Narita (Japanese); David Kaye (Original series and Yashahime Viz Media dub), Michael Daingerfield ; Viz Media dub), Russell Wait (Animax Asia dub) (English)


(殺生丸, Sesshōmaru)

is a powerful dog demon (daiyōkai), feared throughout the feudal era. Born of a great demon bloodline, he is the older, more powerful half-brother of Inuyasha. He is usually accompanied by his demon minions, Jaken and A-Un. Chronologically, he is over 200 years old, while according to the official Inuyasha Profiles guide by Rumiko Takahashi, his appearance is equivalent to being 19 years old in human years.


Voiced by : Yuichi Nagashima ( Japanese ) ; Don Brown Viz Media dub ), Dave Bridges ( Animax Asia dub ) Andrew Russell ( Yashahime ) ( English )

(邪見, Jaken)

is a small green imp-like demon who is extremely loyal to Sesshomaru, often praising his master’s greatness, although Sesshomaru usually ignores and sometimes abuses him. Jaken himself is not especially powerful, but he wields the Staff of Two Heads

(人頭杖, Nintōjō)

, a fire-throwing staff that Sesshomaru gives him. The manga explains little about Jaken’s past, but the anime shows that Jaken was once a lord among similar demons. After Rin gives birth to Sesshomaru’s daughters, Jaken is tasked with protecting them after Sesshomaru hides them in the forest of the Tree of Ages.


Voiced by : Mamiko Noto ( Japanese ) ; Brenna O’Brien Viz Media dub ), ( English )

(りん, Rin)

is a barefoot orphan girl. She finds Sesshomaru in the woods beneath a huge tree and tends to his injuries. After witnessing some bandits brutally murder her family, Rin became mute from the state of shock. During the time Rin is caring for the wounded Sesshomaru, she is killed by wolves during the wolf demons’ raid of her village. Sesshomaru finds Rin’s lifeless body and, uncharacteristically revives her using Tenseiga. After this, Rin starts to speak and remains in company with Sesshomaru, Jaken, and A-Un.


(阿吽, Aun)

is a two-headed dragon demon with some horse-like features and Sesshomaru’s beast of burden who is one of the two yōkai in the series explicitly stated to be a herbivore, like Totosai’s ox. Despite traveling with Sesshomaru for centuries, he has no name until Rin gives him one, calling the right head “A” and the left head “Un” (the kanji symbols 阿吽 together translate as “Alpha and Omega”). A-Un can fire yōkai energy from both mouths. The right head shoots blue beams of lightning, while the left shoots green lightning that can control clouds and possibly the weather and has the ability to fly like Sesshomaru. A grey cloud-like gas trails from his legs in flight, similar to Kirara’s flames.



(琥珀, Kohaku)

is Sango’s eleven-year-old brother who, like his family, is also a demon exterminator.


Voiced by : Taiki Matsuno ( Japanese ) ; Scott McNeil Viz Media dub ), Russell Wait ( Animax Asia dub ) ( English )

(鋼牙, Kōga)

is a wolf demon who is the young leader of the Eastern Wolf Demon Tribe that was nearly wiped out by Kagura and Naraku. He first meets Inuyasha as an opponent in battle, but becomes a reluctant, occasional ally despite maintaining a strong sense of rivalry about their relative combat strengths and the courtship of Kagome. After initially kidnapping her for her ability to locate Shikon shards, Koga becomes attracted to Kagome’s kindness, spirit and beauty. Inuyasha is always foul-tempered and jealous during Koga’s visits because he worries that Kagome might have feelings for Koga, though she has only ever seen him as a friend.


[1] Linda Darlow (The Final Act and Yashahime; Viz Media dub), Jillian Michaels (young; Viz Media dub), Candice Moore (Animax Asia dub) (English)Voiced by : Hisako Kyōda, Mika Ito ( young ) ( Japanese ) ; Pam Hyatt ( Original series ; Viz Media dub ), Linda Darlow ( and ; Viz Media dub ), Jillian Michaels ( young ; Viz Media dub ), Candice Moore ( Animax Asia dub ) ( English )

(楓, Kaede)

is Kikyo’s younger sister that assisted her with various tasks, such as gathering herbs or holding her quiver of arrows. After Kikyo’s death, Kaede became an unusually strong shrine priestess in her own right and defends the village against demons. Kaede lost her right eye sometime during her life and wears an eyepatch over it. Supplementary information states that she “lost her elder sister and her eye in an incident fifty years ago.”[5]


Voiced by : Kenichi Ogata ( Japanese ) ; Paul Dobson ( Viz Media dub ), Russell Wait ( Animax Asia dub ) ( English )

(冥加, Myōga)

is a flea demon who appears randomly and gives Inuyasha information on current events, foes, and the shards of the Shikon Jewel. Assigned to protect Tetsusaiga’s hiding place in the grave of Inuyasha’s father, he runs away when Sesshomaru comes there in search of the sword. Myoga often flees before or during a battle, which the others recognize as a sign of pending danger; his mere presence in any area is enough to determine its safety. Myoga enjoys drinking demon blood, and actually saves Inuyasha’s life at one point by drinking a spider demon’s venom out of his blood.


Voiced by : Jōji Yanami ( Japanese ) ; Richard Newman ( Viz Media dub ), Rik Thomas ( Animax Asia dub ) ( English )

(刀々斎, Tōtōsai)

is an elderly yokai blacksmith with large, bulging eyes and the creator of Tessaiga and Tenseiga, from the fangs of his old friend, the Great Dog General, who entrusted him to help his two sons. As Inuyasha grows stronger and Sesshomaru grows more compassionate, they become more capable of mastering their respective swords, which Totosai strengthens accordingly. He spends most of his time at his forge inside a volcano, but sometimes travels elsewhere on a flying three-eyed ox named Mo-Mo





Voiced by : Toshiyuki Morikawa Hiroshi Yanaka ( Onigumo ) ( Japanese ) ; Paul Dobson ( Viz Media dub ), Russell Wait ( Animax Asia dub ) ( English )
Naraku奈落, Naraku, litt. “, litt. ” Hell ” )

(鬼蜘蛛, “Spider Demon”)

, who was found, sheltered and fed by Kikyo. Paralyzed by his injuries, Onigumo forms a pact with the surrounding demons attracted to his darkness to consume him in return for his soul to occupy a new body created from their merged bodies so that he could satisfy his frustrated lust for Kikyo.

Demon of the Shikon Jewel[edit]

Voiced by : Takeshi Kusao ( Japanese ) ; Michael Dobson ( English )
Demon of the Shikon Jewel

(四魂の玉を生み出した合体妖怪, Combined Yōkai Spawned by the Shikon no Tama)

is the incredibly powerful dragon yōkai created from numerous demons from ancient time that battled the priestess Midoriko before forcing the priestess to trap their souls in what became the Shikon Jewel. From his spirit was born the evil called Magatsuhi.


Voiced by : Takeshi Kusao ( Japanese ) ; Michael Dobson ( English )

(曲霊, Magatsuhi)

is the evil corrupting presence within the Shikon Jewel, born from the spirit of the dragon demon. His existence is eventually made known to Inuyasha’s group when Naraku gave him a temporary human-like body to act through to assist in the restoration of the Shikon Jewel with the personal goal to completely defile it. As it would later be revealed, Magatsuhi is responsible for sealing Kagome’s full spiritual power out of fear of the girl being a threat to him. After losing his temporary body due to Bakusaiga, Magatsuhi resorts to bodily possessions before being stopped by Inuyasha with Dragon-scaled Tetsusaiga and killed by Sesshomaru with Tenseiga during the final battle against Naraku.

Naraku’s incarnations[edit]

After acquiring enough Shikon Jewel shards, Naraku gained the ability to create new demons from his being that are technically his ” offspring “. However, each is treated by Naraku as expendable minions ; tools to use as he wishes. He manipulated some of his earliest creations through threatening to destroy their disembodied hearts should they betray him. Eight detachments were directly created by Naraku within the series ‘ storyline .


Voiced by : Yukana ( Japanese ) ; Janyse Jaud ( English )

(神無, Kan’na)

is Naraku’s first detachment, appearing in the form of a ten-year-old girl in white. Kanna is the only person that Naraku trusts with important information about his actions, allowing her to dictate in his stead. As a “concealed incarnation” of Naraku, Kanna has no scent or demonic aura, which makes her undetectable to Inuyasha, Miroku and Kagome, and immune to demonic aura-related effects such as the Hakurei barrier. She also is nice to Kagura and informative of Naraku’s warnings. She is immune to the Infant’s ability to read hearts to know what someone is truly thinking, but possesses thoughts and feelings of her own.


Voiced by : Izumi Ogami ( Japanese ) ; Janyse Jaud ( English )

(神楽, Kagura)

is Naraku’s second detachment, although she is introduced before her “elder sister” Kanna. As a wind witch who is always barefoot, Kagura uses a fan to enhance her powers where she can create a blade-like tornado or use wind to animate dead bodies. She can also use her feather hair-ornaments as transportation, enlarging them to ride in the wind. Kagura has a particularly strong feud with Koga; it was she who slaughtered his tribe on Naraku’s orders, and she later attempted to kill him and steal his Shikon shards (though for her own gain, not Naraku’s).


Voiced by : Masaharu Satō ( Japanese ) ; Michael Kopsa ( English )

(悟心鬼, Goshinki)

is Naraku’s third detachment, a large horned oni with bladed elbows and extremely powerful fangs. He extremely agile for his size; however, his most dangerous ability is reading minds, which he uses to avoid dangerous situations and exploit his enemies’ weaknesses. When Goshinki breaks Tetsusaiga, he provides Inuyasha’s demon lineage the opportunity to take over. Goshinki struggles to read the now feral and blood-lustful Inuyasha before he is completely ripped apart with only his head remaining. Goshinki’s head is then found by Sesshomaru, who momentary revives the demon so his fangs can be used by Totosai’s expelled apprentice, Kaijinbo

(灰刃坊, Kaijinbō)

, to create the cursed blade Tōkijin.

Juromaru and Kageromaru[edit]

Voiced by : Takumi Yamazaki ( Japanese ) ; Brian Drummond ( English )( Both characters )

(獣郎丸, Jūrōmaru)

and Kageromaru

(影郎丸, Kagerōmaru)

are respectively Naraku’s fourth and fifth incarnations, but are extremely dangerous. While the more human-like Juromaru is like a berserker who is normally shackled with a mask covering his mouth, the parasitic Kageromaru uses his sickled arms to kill Naraku before being placed in his brother’s stomach. Acting through a puppet, Naraku later removes the restraints on Juromaru so he and Kageromaru can slaughter Inuyasha’s group and Koga; however, the two fail and are killed.

Voiced by : Hiroshi Yanaka ( Japanese ) ; Brian Dobson ( English )
While technically Naraku’s sixth incarnation, Muso

(無双, Musō)

is actually Onigumo himself. Originally faceless and without memory of his past, Onigumo took the face and name of a wandering monk. Eventually with Kagura watching on Naraku’s order, Muso ventures to Kikyo’s former village and regains his memories of Onigumo and desires for Kikyo. He sees Kagome with Inuyasha and, assuming she is Kikyo, fights him in order to possess Kagome.

Akago ( the Infant ) and Moryomaru[edit]

Voiced by : Ai Kobayashi ( Japanese ) ; Chiara Zanni ( English )( Akago )
Voiced by : Masaki Terasoma ( Japanese ) ; Ross Douglas ( English )( Moryomaru )
The Infant

(赤子, Akago)

is Naraku’s heart and seventh detachment, appearing in the form of a human baby yet can speak fluently and control people with the darkness in their own hearts. It is later revealed that the Infant’s appearance was intentional by Naraku as he expected the detachment to be as devious as himself. His goal was to use Kagome to find the remaining shards of the Shikon Jewel. He finds her jealousy of Inuyasha’s feelings for Kikyo, but Inuyasha saves her before the Infant can control her. Because the Infant possesses his heart, Naraku had the infant placed under much protection. Over time, however, the Infant and Hakudoshi conspired to destroy Naraku while making themselves the dominant aspect of his being.


Voiced by : Ai Kobayashi ( Japanese ) ; Chiara Zanni ( English )
While indirectly Naraku’s eighth detachment referring to himself as the embodiment of his “essence”, Hakudoshi

(白童子, Hakudōshi)

is actually created from the right half of the Infant when he was severed in half by the power of a dying monk and matured into a barefoot boy who is extremely dexterous and proficient with a halberd and other handheld weapons. As they were originally one, Hakudoshi possesses many of the Infant’s abilities while unable to be killed directly as he does not possess Naraku’s heart. Hakudoshi also acquired the demon horse Entei before the steed was killed by Inuyasha. Like Naraku himself, Hakudoshi is sadistic and loves to cause chaos.


Voiced by : Mitsuaki Madono ( Japanese ) ; Michael Adamthwaite ( English )
Byakuya of the Illusions

(夢幻の白夜, Mugen no Byakuya)

is Naraku’s final detachment created for the sole purpose of acting during Naraku’s final moments, a moth-Demon who uses illusions and origami magic while able to detach his left eye to serve as recon. As Byakuya was designed to only exist as long as Naraku lives, his body can be severely damaged when Naraku suffers mortal injuries. Originally, his purpose is to observe Inuyasha and Moryomaru’s growing powers and report back to Naraku, gradually becoming more active in his creator’s plans. During Inuyasha’s final battle with Naraku, Byakuya uses his bladeless sword to absorb a stray Meido Zangetsuha, then carry out his final task: slashing Kagome with a time-delayed Meido that would activate upon Naraku’s death. Though killed by Inuyasha’s Meido seconds later, Byakuya accepts his fate as he achieved his purpose.

The Band of Seven[edit]

The Band of Seven (七人隊, Shichinintai) were group of human mercenaries that were killed a long time ago. They are resurrected undead manipulated by Naraku through Shikon Jewel shards to hold off his enemies during his time at Mount Hakurei.


Voiced by : Daisuke Gōri ( Japanese ) ; Dave ” Squatch ” Ward ( English )

(凶骨, Kyōkotsu)

is a giant who happens to be both the largest of the Band of Seven and the weakest. Though human, Kyokotsu has developed a taste for demons. Kyokotsu terrorizes the wolf-demon tribes before being defeated by Koga in battle, who pulls out his Shikon shard and returns him to the dead.


Voiced by : Ai Orikasa ( Japanese ) ; Jenn Forgie ( English )

(蛇骨, Jakotsu)

is the Band of Seven’s third-in-command and Bankotsu’s most trusted ally. A homosexual and homicidal woman-hater, who wears women’s kimono and sadistically kills his male opponents as a sign of affection. Jakotsu is armed with a snake-like sword which has segmented retractable blades that reach a great distance and bend at a moment’s notice, making it difficult for an opponent to calculate his next move. When Inuyasha and his group arrive at Mount Hakurei, Jakotsu battles Inuyasha until he is defeated. The fight leaves Jakotsu severely weakened and Renkotsu uses the opportunity to steal his Shikon shard.


Voiced by : Tetsu Inada ( Japanese ) ; Trevor Devall ( English )

(霧骨, Mukotsu)

is a short man who acts as the Band of Seven’s poison maker, concealing his face behind a veil. He abducts Kagome out of lust, attempting to rape her (the anime depicts him initiating a wedding ceremony before Miroku and Sango come to their friend’s aid). Though he succeeds in poisoning the human heroes, Mukotsu is killed by Sesshomaru.


Voiced by : Tomokazu Sugita ( Japanese ) ; Brian Drummond ( English )

(煉骨, Renkotsu)

is the second-in-command of the Band of Seven that often uses wires and fire, which he spews from his mouth, and later a hand cannon. Renkotsu is the band’s most intelligent member and secretly acts against Bankotsu by stealing their comrades’ Shikon shards for his use. When Bankotsu learns of this, he kills Renkotsu.


Voiced by : Hisao Egawa ( Japanese ) ; Mark Gibbon ( English )

(銀骨, Ginkotsu)

is a cyborg-like member of the Band of Seven, with a slew of different weapons, such as saw blades and a firearm on his back. Renkotsu maintains Ginkotsu’s mechanical body, before it is destroyed by Inuyasha. Renkotsu then rebuilds Ginkotsu into a tank-like body. Eventually, Koga causes Ginkotsu to self-destruct by clogging his cannon with a piece of Renkotsu’s armor. Ginkotsu’s jewel shard is subsequently used by Renkotsu to heal his wounds.


Voiced by : Hiroaki Hirata ( Japanese ) ; Michael Donovan ( English )

(睡骨, Suikotsu)

was originally a physician who developed a bloodthirsty second persona and is armed with artificial iron claws. After being revived, Suikotsu’s good side attempts to live a normal life before his alter ego assumes control at the coaxing of his comrades. At one point, Suikotsu returns to the village with his normal “good” appearance, but is still violent and willing to kill. His good personal ultimately asks Kikyo to take his Shikon shard and kill him to prevent further carnage, but he is killed by Jakotsu before she can do so.


Voiced by : Takeshi Kusao ( Japanese ) ; Matt Hill ( English )

(蛮骨, Bankotsu)

is the leader of the Band of Seven, and its youngest and strongest member. Though a skilled mercenary who killed many people, Bankotsu retains a sense of honor and compassion where his comrades are concerned. Bankotsu carries the Zanbatō-like halberd Banryu

(蛮竜, Banryū)

, a weapon he reclaims by attacking the daimyō who executed the band. Defeated by Inuyasha by slicing him in half based on the manga series, and when Banryu’s power was reflected by Inuyasha’s Bakuryuuha attack.

Other characters[edit]

Feudal Nhật Bản characters[edit]

Hachiemon ( Hachi )[edit]

Voiced by : Toshihiko Nakajima ( Japanese ) ; Terry Klassen ( English )

(八衛門, Hachiemon)

, otherwise known as simply Hachi, is a tanuki from Awa who serves Miroku. His basic abilities are low and he has no weapons or skills for battle. He is an unremarkable being, but he understands Miroku well. Although Hachi is Miroku’s servant, he often does not travel with him. Since he is a tanuki, he has the ability to transform. If he puts a leaf on his head and transforms, he can assume the form of a giant yellow gourd. He can fly in this state. When he runs away, he can lay down a smoke screen to deceive enemies.


Voiced by : Hisao Egawa ( Japanese ) ; Michael Dobson ( English )

(地念児, Jinenji)

is a half-demon who lives in a hut with his human mother. Together, they grow a variety of medicinal plants, including some known for being powerful against poisons. He is first seen when Kirara is poisoned by Naraku’s miasma and Inuyasha and Kagome travel to the village to find a cure. Because of his demon blood, the villagers falsely suspect him of killing people, but Jinenji is a gentle giant who is scared of humans because of the way they treat him.


Voiced by : Kaori Mizuhashi ( Japanese ) ; Nicole Bouma ( English )

(紫織, Shiori)

is a half-demon who was born from a human mother named Shizu and a bat demon father named Tsukuyomaru, who had died when she was an infant; murdered by his own father in cold blood. She helped grant Inuyasha’s Tetsusaiga the useful ability to break through demon barriers, and even Naraku’s for a time, after he saves her from the grip of her grandfather.


Voiced by : Masaki Terasoma ( Japanese ) ; Ross Douglas ( English )

(御霊丸, Goryōmaru)

was a monk who lived in an old temple with a group of orphaned kids. The children, whose parents were killed by demons, were rescued by him and were taken care of. Goryomaru was attacked by a demon which tried to “absorb” him. While trying to overpower the demon, his arm got replaced by the demon’s laser-shooting cannon-like arm.

Toga the Great Dog-Demon[edit]

Voiced by : Akio Ōtsuka ( Japanese ) ; Don Brown ( original series ), Mick Lauer ( Yashahime ) ( English )
The Dog General

(犬の大將, Inu no Taisho)

Tōga was an extremely powerful yōkai lord who ruled the Western Lands, and was known throughout Japan. Never formally addressed with a name, he fathered two sons by two different mothers: Sesshomaru from his consort, a dog demoness, and Inuyasha from a human woman named Izayoi.

Lady Izayoi[edit]

Voiced by : Kikuko Inoue ( Japanese ) ; Alaina Burnett ( English )

(十六夜, Izayoi)

was a gentle, beautiful human, who is the daughter of an impoverished noble house. She loved the Dog General and was saddened that the young Inuyasha was shunned for his half-demon status. Little else is revealed about her family, age, or even how she died, with Inuyasha only noting that she died “a long time ago” and that her manner of death “wasn’t her fault.” Upon her death, Inuyasha inherits the Robe of the Fire Rat, which the Dog General gave Izayoi to protect her on the night Inuyasha was born, and a shell containing Izayoi’s favorite lip coloring, which he gave to Kikyo in the anime as a gift via flashbacks belonging to Kaede.[6][7]


Voiced by : Ryūzaburō Ōtomo ( Japanese ) ; Dave Pettitt ( English )

(宝仙鬼, Hōsenki)

is an oyster-demon who cultivates a variety of magical jewels. He created the black pearl in Inuyasha’s right eye that enabled Sesshomaru to travel to his father’s grave and try to steal Tetsusaiga, the sword his father willed to Inuyasha. Needing to return to the netherworld later in the series, Inuyasha’s group seeks out Hosenki, but learn that he has died and his namesake son cannot make the gems yet. He tells Inuyasha that he must wait a hundred years before he can make the gems. They find another path to the netherworld where they find the departed Hosenki sitting among the bones of the Dog General’s body. However, he has been corrupted by a tainted shard of the Shikon Jewel and attacks Inuyasha. After Naraku reclaims his shard, Hosenki returns to normal and gives Inuyasha the use of “Adamant Barrage”, an attack gained by Inuyasha’s loyalty to his friends and lack of greed.



(翠子, Midoriko)

was an extremely powerful priestess who lived centuries before the events of the series. She was well known for her vastly strong spiritual abilities, more specifically her ability to purify demon souls and spirits, rendering them completely powerless. It was because of this ability that she was both hated and feared by demons. In her final battle, she was ambushed by many yōkai.


Voiced by : Tōru Furuya ( Japanese ) ; Michael Adamthwaite ( English )
Naohi the good will of the Jewel of the Four Souls, that the four souls described are referenced as the four Mitamas from the Shintō philosophy of Naohi (直霊): Aramitama (荒魂) Courage, lit. Wild Soul, Nigimitama (和魂) Friendship, lit. Harmonious Soul, Kushimitama (奇魂, Wisdom, lit. Wondrous Soul) and Sakimitama (幸魂) Love, lit. Fortunate Soul. After the defeat of Naraku and Kagome have been dragged into the Meidō, she have been stranded in the darkness for three days as Naohi tells her that it was an illusion and she don’t belong in the Feudal Era, until Inuyasha arrive they kiss. Kagome’s ready to grant her wish as she knew what her grandfather said to make the correct wish is to make the jewel disappear forever.


Voiced by : Hiroyuki Yoshino ( Japanese ) ; Paul Dobson ( English )

(銀太, Ginta)

is a wolf demon from the Eastern Wolf Demon Tribe that always follows Koga around, alongside Hakkaku. They both deeply worry about Koga and Kagome since she is almost always in trouble with Inuyasha around.


Voiced by : Daisuke Kishio ( Japanese ) ; Alistair Abell ( English )

(白角, Hakkaku)

is a wolf demon from the Eastern Wolf Demon Tribe that always follows Koga around, alongside Ginta. They both deeply worry about Koga and Kagome since she is almost always in trouble with Inuyasha around.


Voiced by : Yumi Kakazu ( Japanese ) ; Natalie Walters ( English )

(菖蒲, Ayame)

is a red-haired wolf demon that appears only in the anime. She is the granddaughter of the North Wolf Demon Tribe’s leader. Koga once saved her from the Birds of Paradise and promised to marry her when she got older. In the epilogue of the anime, Ayame finally married Koga.


Voiced by : Yuzuru Fujimoto ( Japanese ) ; Alec Willows ( English )

(夢心, Mushin)

is an elderly Buddhist monk who raised Miroku after his father was consumed by the Wind Tunnel curse. Despite being a lazy drunk who taught Miroku many of his bad lecherous habits, he cares for the young monk and is a father figure to him. In his first appearance, he was possessed by a demon worm charmer hired by Naraku to kill Miroku, but was saved by Inuyasha. Mushin is not seen in the manga again after this, but is given a slightly larger role in the anime.

Modern Nhật Bản characters[edit]

Kagome’s Family[edit]

Mrs. Higurashi

Voiced by : Asako Dodo ( Japanese ) ; Cathy Weseluck ( English )
Mrs. Higurashi is the mother of Kagome and Sota. She is never given a name. The novel Shousetsu Inuyasha reveals that her husband, Kagome’s father, was killed in a car accident when Kagome was five years old. Since then, she was widowed and left to take care of her two children, with the help of her father-in-law. She is very supportive of Kagome and welcoming to Inuyasha. She helps Kagome by taking care of the lunches and dinners for her to bring to Inuyasha’s world for them to share with her friends. She does not appear to mind Kagome spending long periods of time in the feudal era.

Sota Higurashi

The Final Act), Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon) (Japanese); ( 1 st voice ); Viz Media dub), ( 2 nd voice ) and The Final Act; Viz Media dub), Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon)[8] (English)Voiced by : Akiko Nakagawa ( original series and ), Junya Enoki ) ( Japanese ) ; Saffron Henderson ( Original series ; Viz Media dub ), Rebecca Shoichet ( Original seriesand ; Viz Media dub ), Robbie Daymond ( English )
Sota Higurashi

(日暮草太, Higurashi Sōta)

is Kagome’s younger brother, with whom she has a typical brother-sister relationship. He looks up to Inuyasha as an older brother figure. In Yashahime he adopted Inuyasha and Kagome’s niece Towa as his daughter. He has an optimistic wife named Moe Higurashi and young daughter named Mei Higurashi.


( 1 st voice ), Katsumi Suzuki ( 2 nd voice ) (Japanese); Yashahime) (English)Voiced by : Ginzō Matsuo ( Japanese ) ; French Tickner ( original series ), William Frederick Knight ) ( English )

(じいちゃん, Jiichan)

is the paternal grandfather of Kagome and Sota, and Kagome’s mother’s father-in-law. Grandpa often covers for Kagome’s prolonged absences at school with interesting, and often absurd, excuses, which make Kagome’s friends worry a lot about her.


Voiced by : Ginzō Matsuo ( Japanese ) ; Richard Ian Cox ( English ) (original series), Andrew Russell (Yashahime)

(ブヨ, Gnat)

is the Higurashi’s lazy pet cat, who was the reason Kagome first found the Bone Eater’s Well while she was looking for him. Inuyasha often plays with Buyo when he visits Kagome in her time.

Kagome’s Best Friends[edit]


Voiced by : Yūji Ueda ( Japanese ) ; Matt Smith ( English )

(北条, Hōjō)

is a school friend of Kagome who has a crush on her. Kagome’s school friends think that they should be together, but Kagome never took the dates he asked her on seriously, even though she agreed and every single time would either forget or bail out on the dates so that she could go back to the feudal era to be with Inuyasha. Hojo is always under the pretense that Kagome has a fatal illness, due to the excuses Kagome’s grandfather tells in order to keep Kagome out of school for long periods of time while she is in the Feudal Era. Because of this, Hojo is frequently seen giving Kagome traditional remedies and supplies for her various fictional illnesses. Sometimes, her grandfather uses the gifts from Hojo on himself. In the ending of The Final Act, Hojo is seen dating his college classmate after the series ended.


Voiced by : Nami Okamoto ( Japanese ) ; Cathy Weseluck ( English )

(あゆみ, Ayumi)

is one of Kagome’s friends from the modern era. She has wavy shoulder-length black hair. Being the naive, optimistic, gentle one of the three, she is the only one of the group to express support for Kagome’s relationship with Inuyasha.


( 1 st voice ), Rebecca Shoichet ( 2 nd voice ) (English)Voiced by : Yuki Masuda ( Japanese ) ; Saffron Henderson ( English )

(絵理, Eri)

is one of Kagome’s friends from the modern era. She has straight shoulder-length black hair and is frequently shown wearing a yellow headband. Like Yuka, she is very outspoken and concerned with Kagome’s relationship health, and because of this, she never hesitates to give her opinion on Kagome’s potential boyfriends (Hojo and Inuyasha).


Voiced by : Kaori Shimizu ( Japanese ) ; Jillian Michaels ( English )

(由加, Yuka)

is one of Kagome’s friends from the modern era. Yuka has neck-length brown hair. Being the most outspoken of the three, as well as being very sharp-witted, she often expresses concern over Kagome’s relationship with her “delinquent boyfriend,” Inuyasha.

Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon characters


Towa Higurashi[edit]

[9] (Japanese); [10] (English)Voiced by : Sara Matsumoto ( Japanese ) ; Erica Mendez ( English )
Towa Higurashi

(日暮とわ, Higurashi Towa)

is fourteen-years-old. She is Sesshōmaru and Rin’s eldest daughter and Setsuna’s twin sister making her a half-demon. When she was four-years-old, she was transported to the modern era through the power of the Sacred Tree of Ages. She was raised by Sōta Higurashi, her half-uncle-in-law. Ten years later, she is reunited with Setsuna. Towa wields the sword Kikujūmonji

(掬十文字, lit. “Chrysanthemum Cross Sword”)

and carries the Silver Rainbow Pearl inside her left eye. When her sword is broken, she is capable of unleashing her demonic power to form her demonic energy into the remaining blade. Later she learns to absorb the demonic energy of enemies to empower herself and becomes capable of unleashing her father’s Sōryūha

(蒼竜破, Blue Dragon Blast)

personal attack. Afterwards, it was upgraded into her own variation of Sōtō no Sōryūha

(双頭の蒼竜破, Twin Dragon Blast)



[9] (Japanese); [10] (English)Voiced by : Mikako Komatsu ( Japanese ) ; Kira Buckland ( English )


is fourteen-years-old. She is Sesshōmaru and Rin’s youngest daughter and Towa’s twin sister making her a half-demon. She is a demon slayer who works under Kohaku. She was separated from Towa when they were four-years-old but 10 years later she was reunited with Towa after traveling to the future with her cousin Moroha. She is unable to remember Towa, due to losing all her memories of her past due to the influence of a Dream Butterfly, which also rendered her unable to sleep or have dreams. She wields the naginata Kanemitsu no Tomoe


, which attacks are Cyclone Burst and Scourge of Swallows, and holds the Gold Rainbow Pearl inside her right eye. Her demonic blood is able to produce a powerful poison. She had Miroku sealed her blood to contain it better. Since the seal is released, her demonic blood manifests itself into a powerful blade. To have a better control of the blade, the boken Kanemitsu no Tomoe is now reforged and upgraded into the Yukari no Tachikiri by Totosai.


[9] (Japanese); [10] (English)Voiced by : Azusa Tadokoro ( Japanese ) ; Morgan Berry ( English )


is fourteen-years-old and the only daughter of Inuyasha and Kagome Higurashi, making her three-quarters human and quarter-demon. When she was an infant, she was sent away and does not remember her parents. Moroha is a bounty hunter known as “Moroha the Demon Killer”

(化け殺しのもろは, Bake-goroshi no Moroha)

who slays demons and then sells their parts. Aside from being capable of using her father’s claw attacks and exorcising demons with a bow and arrow like her mother, she wields the yōkai sword Kurikaramaru

(倶利伽羅丸, lit. “Profitable Fairy Tale Tool”)

. She also carries a shell-shaped makeup compact similar to the one owned by Izayoi, which she stored the Red Rainbow Pearl in while it was in her possession, holding Tōga’s rouge that she applies to her lips to become “Beniyasha”


with full access to her demonic heritage for the duration of one minute.

Kin’u and Gyokuto[edit]

The Final Act), Jackie Lastra (Kin’u),[11] Michelle Marie (Gyokuto)[12] (English)Voiced by : Aya Gomazuru ( Kin’u ), Hitomi Ueda ( Gyokuto ) ( Japanese ) ; Jillian Michaels ( ), Jackie Lastra ( Kin’u ), Michelle Marie ( Gyokuto ) ( English )

(金鳥, Kinu)

and Gyokuto


are the identical twin daughters of Miroku and Sango and the older sisters of Hisui. Their first appearance was at the end of the original series when they were about two-years-old. Kin’u wears a Green kimono whereas Gyokuto wears a Pink kimono. In Princess Half-Demon, Gyokuto is with her mother in the demon slayer village. Kin’u is a nun who is undergoing mid-level training by her monk father.


[3] [4] Michelle Marie (as baby)[12] (English)Voiced by : Takehiro Urao, Larissa Tago Takeda ( as baby ) ( Japanese ) ; Aleks Le Michelle Marie ( as baby ) ( English )


is Miroku and Sango’s youngest child and only son, and younger brother to Kin’u and Gyokuto. His first appearance is at the end of the original series as a baby. In Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, he has become a demon slayer having inherited an ordinary Hiraikotsu from his mother.


[3] (Japanese); Ryan Bartley[13] (English)Voiced by : Fairouz Ai ( Japanese ) ; Ryan Bartley ( English )

(竹千代, Takechiyo)

is a young tanuki who serves under Juybei the Corpse Dealer. He is able to shape-shift as means for transportation allowing him to carry others to places sufficient enough for profit.

Mei Higurashi[edit]

[14] (English)Voiced by : Haruka Terui ( Japanese ) ; Xanthe Huynh ( English )
Mei Higurashi

(日暮芽衣, Higurashi Mei)

is the daughter of Sota and Moe Higurashi, adoptive sister of Towa and the niece of Kagome Higurashi, and the maternal cousin of Moroha.

Moe Higurashi[edit]

[15] (English)Voiced by : Eriko Matsui ( Japanese ) ; Erika Harlacher ( English )
Moe Higurashi

(日暮萌, Higurashi Moe)

is the wife of Sota Higurashi and the mother of Mei Higurashi, adoptive mother of Towa, and the maternal aunt of Moroha, and she is sister-in-law to Kagome Higurashi.


Voiced by : Yoshimasa Hosoya ( Japanese ) ; Crispin Freeman ( English )


is an ancient demon and master of the Shikyō

(四凶, lit. Four Perils)

that rules over the eastern lands whose power rivals Inuyasha and Sesshomaru’s father, who ruled the western lands of Japan. With the death of his rival, and the refusal of Sesshomaru to assume his father’s place, Kirinmaru’s presence expands to the whole country, prompting the Sacred Tree of Ages into enlisting Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha’s help and combined strength in destroying him for good. He dons a white mask, and wields a katana. He has disregarded a prophecy long ago foretold by the Shikon Jewel itself of his annihilation at the hands of someone neither human or demon. He had set out to kill Inuyasha and Kagome but was foiled due to Sesshomaru trapping them within the Black Pearl with the claim that Inuyasha’s powerful Meido Zangetsuha ability will be eventually required.


[16] (English)Voiced by : Toa Yukinari ( Japanese ) ; Dawn M. Bennett ( English )


is one of Kirinmaru’s Four Perils who possesses the Purple Rainbow Pearl. Her demon form is a winged tiger. She gave the Purple Rainbow Pearl to Yotsume, the four-eyed owl demon to find weaknesses in the minds of the Half-Demon Princesses via the dream-gazing spell. She is defeated by Towa’s Azure Dragon Strike attack, and Riku steals the Purple Rainbow Pearl as he kills her by draining her of her bodily fluids via the Blue Rainbow Pearl.

More about her history with Lord Kirinmaru and Riku is revealed in “Secret of the Rainbow Pearls” via flashbacks.


Voiced by : Jun Fukuyama ( Japanese ) ; Zach Aguilar ( English )


is Jyubei and Takechiyo’s mysterious employer who intends to obtain all seven of the Rainbow Pearls for himself. He later develops feelings for Towa and tries to protect her and her family from harm. It is later revealed that he is in fact a living doll created from Kirinmaru’s severed horn, and is in the service of Zero with the goal of returning her emotions by collecting the Rainbow Pearls.




is the owner of the corpse-dealing shop that specializes in bounties placed on demons. Moroha currently lives under Jyūbei’s shop in order to pay off a very large debt.


[18] (English)Voiced by : Taro Kiuchi ( Japanese ) ; Imari Williams ( English )


was one of Kirinmaru’s the Four Perils, who was given the red Rainbow Pearl by Kirinmaru to further develop and amplify his abilities and strength greatly.


Voiced by : Yūko Sanpei ( Japanese ) ; Marianne Miller ( English )


was the son of Tokotsu, whom he wanted to revitalize by giving him enough red bones from mortals and demons.


Voiced by : Hiroki Yasumoto ( Japanese ) ; Armen Taylor ( English )


is one of Kirinmaru’s Four Perils. After Kyrui is defeated he takes over trying to annihilate the demon princesses.




[20] (Japanese); Lisa Reimold (English)Voiced by : Saki Fujita ( Japanese ) ; Lisa Reimold ( English )


is the daughter of Kirinmaru and the niece of Zero, who has been sealed away for 600 years.[21] Her first appearance was in the third episode of the second season.

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