Download Ride Out Heroes Apk 1.400052.525516 for Android

It’s not only a well-known survival shooting game but riding a hero with martial arts can also destroy enemies ( much like the meteor butterfly sword ) .

For a long time, NetEase didn’t know a step too exciting for players who are not planning to end this year. Thoughts are a relief to the community that the latest game is not available in 2019, we have hunted the king as many hyper-arenas, Meteor Butterfly Sword Phones, Storm Arena, Stormy Island as the wait for NetEase’s play performance. .. Beta Most of these games run out and ride the process of introducing heroes. Surprising days 29-11 people were still drunk. The acquisition is a very hot change in survival games today. You may not believe it, but it is a game of guard with a combination of PUBG, Paladin, Fortnite or even .

Discover a wonderful world

Heroes is a beautiful open world for players to get you through the details carefully. The publisher says this is exactly what the player was trying to write as soon as the video gameplay on YouTube began searching for all those hours, which was how the game was a big card game. This card. If so, it is larger than the usual 16 x 16 resolution this game can be estimated. NetEase style older brother gets closer to his youngest child animated graphics, PUBG reluctance for any improvement. It can be said, the product monitors their older brother’s path, the rules exist. A lot of moves, but certainly more about both the investment and the size of the game, but first-class graphics lose appeal. If you can bring a real graphics platform as a meteor butterfly sword, then it will certainly be a direct competitor to PUBG. Although the hero of this journey is still issued by a different chaotic gameplay survival game.

They like to survive

Now it has 100 players yet to win a live end to the big map. However, the weapons and gameplay have changed a lot, making players enjoy without boredom. Typically, you can use swords, arrows or even find dinosaurs instead of cars that have become so familiar to many fakes. Players can jump freely on the large map. But anyway, survival is still extremely important until the end of the game. Capture your pets, so they can find and learn special skills with swords, carry the bow anywhere. Forgetting spinners with a viewfinder on a larger map is not always the best option.

Solo or team with friends around the world

There are two classic modes, most of which are survival games personal and team. I was a tired team for 4 people. Why do 5.6 or even 10? What happens when a group of five friends happens? It is natural to be able to throw one person from the team. I hope NetEase will offer more game modes in the future. Running a real war hero area boring has many possibilities for the user.


With up to 2.5 GB of storage, Hero promises to ride out the hit with mobile graphics. For the first time, it’s games designed from the smallest detail, a lot of people will become world-famous. Ancient temples, waterfalls, or endless areas, painted by the game’s best presentation production team. Along with this kind of game, NetEase also recommends having a related configuration be able to feel comfortable. Snapdragon 820 and 3GB of RAM are very good with above. However, you can still adjust the graphics settings to customize the phone’s layout .


Beta is underperforming in the United States, Brazil, and the Philippines, however, you can easily log into the game. Range NetEase server IP is not restricted to other countries. However, it is possible that the server is not stable during this beta. Recommended publishers and testing runs through the end of December. Subsequently, the user will have to delete the game players ‘ money during that time will not be deleted .


  • Download file .xapk
  • Installer .xapk file to install XAPK
  • The first time you ask to open a game the system will download another package, (2.05GB total)

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