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Chapter Japanese Waley Seidensticker Tyler Washburn 01 Kiritsubo


“Kiritsubo” “The Paulownia Court” “The Paulownia Pavilion” “The Lady of the Paulownia-Courtyard Chambers” 02 Hahakigi



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“The Broom-Tree” “Broom Cypress” 03 Utsusemi


“Utsusemi” “The Shell of the Locust” “The Cicada Shell” “A Molted Cicada Shell” 04 Yūgao


“Yugao” “Evening Faces” “The Twilight Beauty” “The Lady of the Evening Faces” 05 Wakamurasaki


“Murasaki” “Lavender” “Young Murasaki” “Little Purple Gromwell” 06 Suetsumuhana


“The Saffron-Flower” “The Safflower” 07 Momiji no Ga


“The Festival of Red Leaves” “An Autumn Excursion” “Beneath the Autumn Leaves” “An Imperial Celebration of Autumn Foliages” 08 Hana no En


“The Flower Feast” “The Festival of the Cherry Blossoms” “Under the Cherry Blossoms” “A Banquet Celebrating Cherry Blossoms” 09 Aoi


“Aoi” “Heartvine” “Heart-to-Heart” “Leaves of Wild Ginger” 10 Sakaki


“The Sacred Tree” “The Green Branch” “A Branch of Sacred Evergreens” 11 Hana Chiru Sato


“The Village of Falling Flowers” “The Orange Blossoms” “Falling Flowers” “The Lady at the Villa of Scattering Orange Blossoms” 12 Suma


“Exile at Suma” “Suma” “Exile to Suma” 13 Akashi


“Akashi” “The Lady at Akashi” 14 Miotsukushi


“The Flood Gauge” “Channel Buoys” “The Pilgrimage to Sumiyoshi” “Channel Markers” 15 Yomogiu


“The Palace in the Tangled Woods” “The Wormwood Patch” “A Waste of Weeds” “A Ruined Villa of Tangled Gardens” 16 Sekiya


“A Meeting at the Frontier” “The Gatehouse” “At the Pass” “The Barrier Gate” 17 E Awase


“The Picture Competition” “A Picture Contest” “The Picture Contest” “A Contest of Illustrations” 18 Matsukaze


“The Wind in the Pine-Trees” “The Wind in the Pines” “Wind in the Pines” 19 Usugumo


“A Wreath of Cloud” “A Rack of Clouds” “Wisps of Cloud” “A Thin Veil of Clouds” 20 Asagao


“Asagao” “The Morning Glory” “The Bluebell” “Bellflowers” 21 Otome


“The Maiden” “The Maidens” “Maidens of the Dance” 22 Tamakazura


“Tamakatsura” “The Jewelled Chaplet” “The Tendril Wreath” “A Lovely Garland” 23 Hatsune


“The First Song of the Year” “The First Warbler” “The Warbler’s First Song” “First Song of Spring” 24 Kochō


“The Butterflies” “Butterflies” 25 Hotaru


“The Glow-Worm” “Fireflies” “The Fireflies” “Fireflies” 26 Tokonatsu


“A Bed of Carnations” “Wild Carnation” “The Pink” “Wild Pinks” 27 Kagaribi


“The Flares” “Flares” “The Cressets” “Cresset Fires” 28 Nowaki




“The Typhoon” “An Autumn Tempest” 29 Miyuki


“The Royal Visit” “The Royal Outing” “The Imperial Progress” “An Imperial Excursion” 30 Fujibakama


“Blue Trousers” “Purple Trousers” “Thoroughwort Flowers” “Mistflowers” 31 Makibashira


“Makibashira” “The Cypress Pillar” “The Handsome Pillar” “A Beloved Pillar of Cypress” 32 Umegae


“The Spray of Plum-Blossom” “A Branch of Plum” “The Plum Tree Branch” “A Branch of Plum” 33 Fuji no Uraba


“Fuji no Uraba” “Wisteria Leaves” “New Wisteria Leaves” “Shoots of Wisteria Leaves” 34 Wakana: Jō


“Wakana, Part I” “New Herbs, Part I” “Spring Shoots I” “Early Spring Genesis: Part 1” 35 Wakana: Ge


“Wakana, Part II” “New Herbs, Part II” “Spring Shoots II” “Early Spring Genesis: Part 2” 36 Kashiwagi


“Kashiwagi” “The Oak Tree” 37 Yokobue


“The Flute” “The Transverse Flute” 38 Suzumushi


(omitted) “The Bell Cricket” “Bell Crickets” 39 Yūgiri


“Yugiri” “Evening Mist” 40 Minori


“The Law” “Rites” “The Law” “Rites of Sacred Law” 41 Maboroshi


“Mirage” “The Wizard” “The Seer” “Spirit Summoner” X Kumogakure


“Vanished into the Clouds” 42 Niō Miya


“Niou” “His Perfumed Highness” “The Perfumed Prince” “The Fragrant Prince” 43 Kōbai


“Kobai” “The Rose Plum” “Red Plum Blossoms” “Red Plum” 44 Takekawa


“Bamboo River” 45 Hashihime


“The Bridge Maiden” “The Lady at the Bridge” “The Maiden of the Bridge” “The Divine Princess at Uji Bridge” 46 Shī ga Moto


“At the Foot of the Oak-Tree” “Beneath the Oak” “At the Foot of the Oak Tree” 47 Agemaki


“Agemaki” “Trefoil Knots” “A Bowknot Tied in Maiden’s Loops” 48 Sawarabi


“Fern-Shoots” “Early Ferns” “Bracken Shoots” “Early Fiddlehead Greens” 49 Yadorigi


“The Mistletoe” “The Ivy” “Trees Encoiled in Vines of Ivy” 50 Azumaya


“The Eastern House” “The Eastern Cottage” “A Hut in the Eastern Provinces” 51 Ukifune


“Ukifune” “A Boat upon the Waters” “A Drifting Boat” “A Boat Cast Adrift” 52 Kagerō


“The Gossamer-Fly” “The Drake Fly” “The Mayfly” “Ephemerids” 53 Tenarai


“Writing-Practice” “The Writing Practice” “Writing Practice” “Practising Calligraphy” 54 Yume no Ukihashi


“The Bridge of Dreams” “The Floating Bridge of Dreams” “A Floating Bridge in a Dream”

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